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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Recounting of Significant Events – July 2007

[Ed. Note: I obviously didn’t get this post out before my R&R break in September. I do intend to post at least my fav snaps from each of my subsequent months in Iraq, and hopefully some thoughts to go along with them. We’ll see…]

I’m gonna try to get this post in tonight, before I leave on my first (well-deserved!) R&R break. I’m taking the midnight Rhino out to BIAP (and I’ve said it a dozen times if I’ve said it once, there’s a song in that phrase somewhere – maybe I should check to see if Gladys Night still has her Pips…). After that, I’ll need to endure the DoD’s version of travel service – Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) to the Ali Al Salem airbase in Kuwait, to Atlanta, GA (USA! USA! USA!) to Pensacola, FL. This starts at midnight on Friday, with arrival in Florida on Monday. I’ll be thoroughly ready for a shower and change of clothes by then…

So here’s what happened in my field of view, Baghdad, that was worthy of note during the month of July…

But for the Grace of God, there go I. I thank the Lord nearly every day I’m out here that I ended up at the main Baghdad PRT, and not an embedded one (ePRT) like MAJ Rivera and most of the others of my class.

“Don’t worry about the one with your name on it – that’s fate. Worry about the one that says ‘To whom it may concern’ ”.

[Ed. Note: We didn’t know it at the time, but that was the last hurrah from the bad guys. The surge operations pretty much wiped out their talent base, and the very limited IDF attacks that occurred since then were mostly off-target.]

At this point, mid-July, I had been in-country for two months, and apparently not much seemed significant from that point on. I have no other notes on events in July, and looking ahead, very little at all for August or September. So I’ll wrap this up with my fav photos taken in July:

My workspace – PRT-B PPM section

Palace Pool Social Area

My Friday swimming routine

Something along my daily commute

Shrapnel & SAF

Va Tech flag in Palace DFAC

My bed

Helo from hooch

Heading outside the wire

Hawaiian shirt Friday with IBA!

Working at Victory Base w/ CPT Phil & LT Dan

Sandstorm at night

IED of the month display

Sunset at Victory Base

Victory Base DFAC

Living quarters at Victory Base

Where's your weapon?

Greetings to Major Family Reunion from Iraq

Al Faw Palace

Infamous throne in Al Faw

Golfing at Al Faw

Kebab luncheon for PPM section

Live music 4th of July at Palace Pool

Late night inside Presidential Palace

Ambulance helos from office window

Aftermath of midnight rocket attack (in parking lot of my office building)

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