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Friday, October 20, 2006

The MSM: Trying To Provide Another “Tet Offensive” Victory For Our Enemies

Well, I’m, back!!! That must mean that my blood pressure has risen to the level that only a rant on my blog will cure my symptoms.

I just attended a grad-level ethics class, and on the last day we spoke of the ethics of war and the warfighter. The media, of course, played a part in our discussion. I was floored that some otherwise intelligent engineers are still blind to the fact that we are at war, and the media is, at the least, being used as a pawn against the U.S.

The terrorists/insurgents in Iraq/Afghanistan are not as stupid as we would wish. They know that there is absolutely NO CHANCE that they can defeat the U.S. militarily. But they have studied history. What we are seeing today, and every day since the invasion and liberation of Iraq, is the same thing that defeated the U.S. in Viet Nam. The terrorists/insurgents are counting on the will of the American public to waver, for the weaker political party to come into power, for us to cut and run. And they are doing it the same way the Viet Cong did it – thru the U.S. media. This line of reasoning is explained a lot better than I’m doing over at Tigerhawk:

“…history has revealed that the Tet offensive was in fact a crushing defeat for the Viet Cong, and effectively required that the Communists conquer the South by invasion from the North, rather than by civil insurgency. The Viet Cong were only able to turn a military disaster into strategic victory by persuading the American media that the United States was mired in stalemate.”

As the Prof says, read the whole thing.

What is so sad, is that so many average citizens have no idea that this is taking place. The MSM feigns innocence – they’re just reporting the news. That would be okay, if that’s all they were doing. But what they are actually doing is providing the propaganda weapon for the terrorist/insurgents to use against our military, via waning public support.

I will say it again – we are at war. Propaganda is the only weapon that the terrorists/insurgents have that can cause any damage, and they are using it well. And our MSM is culpable. At the very least. In my opinion, it is even worse than that. It’s not just that they are against the U.S. in this war, but they are actually on the other side. That’s right – in my view, the MSM, along with the liberal wing of the Dem party are actively seeking the defeat of our military simply because they want the reigns of political power back in their control. Our only hope is that once they regain power in Washington, they will come to their senses and continue to take the battle to our enemies. But at this point, to the MSM/lib Dems – we, Americans – ARE the enemy.

I could go on, you know – saying that signs are that the terrorists/insurgents are winning. Even people who agree that we are at war are losing faith in our ability to fight and win, and that’s a direct result of the daily, incessant pounding of “everything is going to hell in Iraq and Afghanistan/car bombs, car bombs, car bombs/civil war, chaos” from the MSM. For crying out loud, how can this be reporting what is newsworthy? If a news outlet reported on a horrific car crash in the U.S., the story would be in the cycle for one day, max. If that same outlet reported on another car crash the next day, and then another the next, the editors would be fired for such narrow-view reportage. So how come, when it’s the same story EVERY DAY, it’s still newsworthy? Give me a break.

Blood pressure normal – rant over…

UPDATE: I'm not the only one who feels that the MSM is on the other side - our troops feel that way, too.
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