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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This has been the headline since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. It matters absolutely none at all that the removal of the world’s most homicidal dictator has released tens of millions of people from a living hell. Since the removal of Saddam’s (apparently) benign regime, it been nothing but DEATH!! BOMBS!!! DESTRUCTION!!!! CHAOS!!!!!. Does the MSM ever stop to consider the horrors of life under Saddam for over 3 decades? Nope, cuz it’s DEATH!! BOMBS!!! DESTRUCTION!!!! CHAOS!!!!!, non-stop, 24/7. Does the MSM ever consider the fact that they are now able to actually report news from Iraq, as opposed to CNN’s Eason Jordan’s admittance that CNN only reported what Saddam allowed so as to continue CNN’s presence in Iraq, even though he admitted that CNN was, in essence, covering up the atrocities of a madman’s regime? Which, not non-importantly, propped up and supported the status quo. Which was instrumental in shifting world opinion that it was the UN sanctions (read “as imposed by the US”, which is laughable in the face that the UN does everything in its power to stymie US influence – when has the US ever been able to bend the UN to its will in recent years? Even the Bosnian issue, which now everyone agrees was justified, was not approved by the UN, let alone such stalwarts of justice & democracy, as Germany & France. Oh, did you forget? The US bombed Serbia, even though France, Germany, & the UN did not condone such barbaric actions. The US bombed Serbia even though Serbia never attacked the US, but now in history’s hindsight, President Clinton’s fortitude to carry the banner of justice & democracy in the face of international opposition stands as a example of doing what is right, even when that action is unpopular) that were responsible for the Iraqi people’s suffering and high child mortality – all since disproved, via the liberation of the Iraqi masses, and the subsequent revelation of UN corruption in the oil-for-food-for-money-for-empowered-high-placed-UN officials-and-their-offspring-scandal.

So how now, with millions of people no longer in fear of having their children tortured & murdered, or their wives gang-raped, or their entire families uprooted or even executed, does the MSM find fault with the attempt to change the status quo in the Middle East? One can only surmise that the MSM cannot – NOT – accept these changes at the hands of the Republican party, or even more agonizing, under the leadership of Geo. W. Bush. You’d think that we’d all line up and applaud such an audacious undertaking, one that easily could’ve cost the Republicans the White House, which would free so many people, so many enslaved souls. But for all the political risk to do what’s morally right, and good for our country, Bush is reviled. If Clinton could’ve had the same resolve and support from his party (mine at the time), we might have rid ourselves of bin Laden’s Taliban before any of the 9/11 hijackers took their first flight lessons.

But we are where we are. Things are changing in the Middle East in ways never imagined in the Nixon/Kissinger/Carter days. Can the MSM take a step back and see the trees for the forest? Nope, it’s DEATH!! BOMBS!!! DESTRUCTION!!!! CHAOS!!!!!, all day, 24/7. Followed by polls to the average American. I don’t even want to start on the methodology of these polls; let’s just say that the demographics they choose to survey seem to favor… democrats.

And so, after nearly 2 years of DEATH!! BOMBS!!! DESTRUCTION!!!! CHAOS!!!!!, and the polls that the MSM conducts immediately after each gruesome incident, the US public – in polls – finally is getting the message that the MSM has been so desperate and unrelenting in pushing down John Q. Public’s throat - DEATH!! BOMBS!!! DESTRUCTION!!!! CHAOS!!!!!.

Is it any wonder, after years – not months, but years – worth of unrelenting negative images, the polls show less support for the Iraqi war effort? It is a self-fulfilling prophesy – MSM has pounded our senses with this incessant image of DEATH!! BOMBS!!! DESTRUCTION!!!! CHAOS!!!!!, that it can be no wonder that - finally! – the stupid-ass general public (meaning those of you/us in the “red” states) realizes what a horrendous mistake this war was.

Assholes. It takes a democrat/liberal to forget the tragedy & horror of 9/11, and replace it with the tragedy & horror of the US gone amok. The US has not gone amok, but if it had, it would be justified. How can you, asshat liberals, believe that the US should’ve taken a step back to understand “why they hate us’, and to believe that the criminal justice system would solve the problem of the Islamic fundamentalist war on secularism/US/civilization as we know it?

So here we are now, with the liberal MSM pushing the fact that they’ve won the poll-wars - President Bush is going to address the Iraq war. The terrorists and suicidal/homicidal maniacs in Iraq & elsewhere in the Middle East must be newly encouraged to know that at least ONE of their allies, the western MSM, has won a battle of significance. Does it make those in the seats of power within MSM feel justified, vindicated, even – dare I say – good? You betcha!! And, if recent history is any indicator, they (MSM) will NOT stop until our country is under the mercy (how oxymoronic!) and control of right-thinking (read “non-Republican”) Islamic fundamentalist sympathizers. Weird thing is, conservatives will be probably be able to find a niche in such a society; liberals will be the first in line for the execution chambers. Pity – that wouldn’t even make me happy…

My most ugly rant is over; breath deeply of the free air – it is not guaranteed to last past this administration’s term…
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Alleged Abuse of Terrorist Prisoners & Their Precious Holy Book? Who Cares?

Anyone who really follows the GWOT – libs & conservative alike – knows that radical Islamic training includes the instruction to allege all sorts of abuse by Western (read “American”) forces. Even the most died-in-wool liberal, if they’re being honest, acknowledges that this is part of Islamic fundamentalist training guides. So who falls for this sort of easily researched BS? MSM.

It’s disgusting, really, to see the likes of the WaPo “circling the wagons” as they try to rationalize Newsweek’s (and MSM’s in general) failure to report news accurately. Again, it’s the meme that, although the story was inaccurate/false, the charge is true. Can you hear echoes of the Dan RatherGate fiasco? Instead of admitting mistakes were made, and that bias exists, these boneheads at WaPo (and other media outlets) insist on the “even if not true, it’s accurate” meme.

And why is flushing a holy book more despicable than beheading innocent civilians? But apparently it is, and apparently MSM believes we must read about American abuses, 24/7. The WaPo is already salivating at the prospect of the Pentagon being forced to release more vids/pics from Abu Ghraib. Can you think of any purpose that releasing these vids/pics would accomplish? You got it – more anti-American protests the world ‘round. Fits well with the MSM agenda, as they’re just about as anti-American at the radical Islamists.

And really, why should I care if some soldier flushed the Koran (which is a stupid accusation, as even a paperback version of the book wouldn’t fit down a crapper)? First of all, in this country, I can – if I chose – go to any bookstore in the nation, buy up as many Bibles, Korans, Torahs, etc., and use them exclusively for toilet paper. That’s right, Osama bin Islam – wiping my pooper with your holy pages – EVERY DAY! In many Islamic countries, you can’t even own a Bible or other religious book that is not a Koran, let alone practice your religion of choice. And I’m supposed to get upset that they’re upset over alleged desecration? Please believe me – I am not. I have no respect for a people that will riot to death over abuse of a BOOK, but say nothing when PEOPLE are slaughtered – SLAUGHTERED!! – on video. Move on MSM, people just don’t care as much as you want us to.

Rant over; breath deep…

Senior Citizen Social Security Reform Protestor Buffoons

Saw a picture in the USAToday (from 5/26/05) that showcased one of the subject characters. He proudly was holding aloft a sign demanding that the Bush Admin keep their hands off “his” social security. Unless this buffoon already suffers from Alzheimer’s disease (1st of many stereotypes), he is, alas, brain-dead.

How inured can you be to the forces now facing off in the SS battle? This nincompoop (I’m trying for synonyms for buffoon) has failed to grasp the most basic of the Bush Admin’s tenet of reform – it will NOT effect ANYONE over the age of 55. Granted that I’m horrible at the estimation of people’s ages (esp. women), there’s no way this gent (link provided above) is under 55.

And yet, there he is – in all his deluded glory - protesting something that has no effect on “his” SS. What inspires this idiocy? It can only be the propaganda espoused by his (and seniors in general) beloved Dem party. When will the seniors realize that the Dems have left them far behind, in their pursuit of the more lucrative Hollywood vote, or the more populous Hispanic vote?

Oh well, at least it’s good for a politically incorrect laugh at one of the more gullible segments of our voting population.
[UPDATE: The segment of population that I'm fast approaching, I might add...]
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