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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hello! Anyone Reporting Out There?

Back on that Liberal Bias in MSM soapbox…

Have you heard of the landslide victory of John Howard in Australia (he was running for a nearly unprecedented 4th term as Prime Minister (similar to US Prez) of the island continent)? Mr. Howard had been an unswerving ally to the US in the Global War on Terror (GWoT). This election is the 1st of 3 (Australia, US, then UK) which the international community (as well as the electorate in Australia) regarded as a referendum on the US’s direction in the GWoT.
John Howard won in a landslide (did I already use that word? oops…). But you won’t hear that anywhere in the US, unless it’s on Fox, or even more dependably, on the internet, like right here!!

Why? Cuz that’s a “positive” for the Bush campaign. Can’t have that. I don’t believe that there is a thinking person alive who would doubt that if Mr. Howard had been defeated, that this event would have dominated the headlines of reputable new sources such as the NYT, WaPo, LATimes, CNN, etc. But he won, and there’s a dearth of silence from those who control the airwaves, those who control what they want us (the unclean masses, or as my sis sez - the “General Public (GP)”) to hear.

Have you heard about the 1st democratic election held in Afghanistan in… FOREVER? Had this happened during Bill Clinton’s administration (& it could’ve, if we took terrorism seriously back in the ‘90s), this event would have been reported as nearly spectacular as the 2nd coming of the Messiah.

Bad news – it happened during the admin of Geo. W. Bush. Therefore, it is a complete & total failure. C’mon – the “indelible” ink used to mark voters to prevent multiple votings could be washed off in a few Afghan provinces.

So here we were, prepared to see the disaster of the Geo W. Bush's attempt to foment democracy in Asia (damn near that pesky Middle East, where everyone knows that democracy cannot flourish… except in Israel, but that’s another rant for another day), and instead we get a “massive” turnout of voters. While we were expecting massive violence, car bombs, assassinations, body parts flying everywhere – what we got was defective indelible ink. And even that, while played up by the international MSM, was ultimately shown to be a non-issue by the candidates - they’ve all agreed to abide by the popular vote, once the to-be-appointed UN commission investigates all allegations of voter fraud.

So again – have you heard of Mr. Howard’s stunning, and nearly unprecedented, victory? Have you heard of the stunning success and turnout (not to mention the stunning lack of Taliban/Al Q-inspired violence) of the Afghanistan presidential election?

No, you certainly did not. Not unless you get your news from sources alternative from MSM. They would just as soon keep these events “secret” from the American GP; in their enlightened wisdom, the MSM-keepers of news have decided that such information might cause the great unwashed masses to make their own decisions. And they can’t have that – everyone knows (outside the US) that 9/11 was America’s fault, and only John Kerry (actually, substitute “John Kerry” with “anybody but Bush”) can get the world back on our side. Kerry plans to take us back “… to where we were before.” To where terrorism is just a “nuisance”. To that sunny Tuesday morning, just after 0800 hours on September 11th...

As Lileks put it – I don’t WANT to go back there - back when we were victims, back when we were losing (cuz we really didn’t know we were in a fight). Me, personally – I LIKE taking the fight to the enemy, to the Islamic fanatics, in THEIR backyard. But that’s just me…

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Hey, Matt! Why Dontcha Check Your Prostate As Long As Your Head’s Up There!

More MSM campaigning for Kerry: This a.m., on the Today show, Matt Lauer recited an oft-repeated (and deliberate) misrepresentation of what President Bush said in his 2003 SOTU speech. While questioning his guests (a Dem & a Rep), he says, to the effect, "Given that the president’s main reason for going to war were Saddam’s WMD and the fact that Saddam was an imminent threat…". Right there you have 2 falsehoods perpetuated by the MSM, who’s only motivation to continue to do so would be to unseat the sitting president.
Number 1, Bush did NOT make WMD the only reason to remove Saddam. That was the case he made at the UN, at the behest of Tony Blair, who needed the UN effort for political cover back in the UK. In presenting his case to the American people, Bush always stressed the humanitarian aspect of liberating Iraq. From his 2003 SOTU address:

"Iraqi refugees tell us how forced confessions are obtained: by torturing children while their parents are made to watch. International human rights groups have catalogued other methods used in the torture chambers of Iraq: electric shock, burning with hot irons, dripping acid on the skin, mutilation with electric drills, cutting out tongues, and rape.
If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning."

Number 2, Bush NEVER said Saddam was an imminent threat. In fact, he said just the opposite. Geez, we’ve been thru this over and over, but the MSM keeps bringing it back. Again, Bush’s 2003 SOTU speech:

"Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike?
If this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words and all recriminations would come too late. Trusting in the sanity and restraint of Saddam Hussein is not a strategy, and it is not an option."

So you see, Matt, just because the word "imminent" is in the sentence, he didn’t use it the way you want us to believe. If you actually read the transcript, Matty-boy, Bush is saying that Saddam is NOT an imminent threat now, and that we cannot wait until he is an imminent threat. That’s not a subtle misunderstanding or misinterpretation of Bush’s words – it is a willful and intentional attempt to mislead the American public.

These 2 falsehoods have been repeated so often in MSM, that they now assume that we, good sheeple that we are, have come to accept these things as fact. Well, they are NOT facts. All that Muck Loser had to do was Google search the 2003 SOTU transcript (as I just did), but that’s not the point. Matt, as a Dem shill and member of the MSM, continues to repeat these things in the same manner as prescribed by that most famousest of all propagandists, Dr. Joseph Goebbels. I’ve touched on this a few times before, but what we are experiencing is the Nazi-German propaganda machinations of repeating something untrue so many times in the hope that the ignorant masses will eventually come to accept these absolute falsehoods as truth.

Ah, but we ARE the unclean masses, consumers of the spin-dishes that our betters serve us. The truth does not matter a whit, not if those wonderful, high-minded, and intellectual giants of the MSM decide that the American public doesn’t know how to handle the truth. They truly have our best interests at heart, and they truly believe it justifies their actions. They are truly disgusting…

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

It’s No Longer Liberal Bias – MSM is Now Campaigning for the Dems!

(Note: MSM = Main Stream Media)
I can’t stand it – this is what passes for “news”?

This a.m. on NPR: “Edwards accomplished his goal, which was to prove he’s qualified to step in as president” – Sez who? Almost every informed opinion had the debate slightly in favor of Cheney, and the one consistent complaint about Edwards was just the opposite – that he didn’t display the timber of a man who would be CinC.

NPR: “Bush has changed his campaign speeches in an attempt to derail the momentum Kerry gained after their debate.” What mo? All polls taken after the debate show the slightest of gains, or none at all. The “momentum” is building solely in the minds of the editors/publisher/owners of the MSM, who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of unseating the current president; e.g., the 60 Minutes Forgery Fiasco. Look at the way MSM is trying to let the DanRon story fade away; see the other guilty parties circle the wagon around DemmyDan, claiming he’s the victim! No, you asshats – he’s been caught. You, Mr. RatherGate, are guilty. No one made you do it – you are NOT a victim. You are a celebrity with an audience who trusted you & your work, and you flushed it all away – along with the reputation of a proud news organization – just because you HATE the guy in office. You should be fired; you should at least have the balls to admit you did wrong & resign.

But I digress. What, exactly is wrong with the statements I heard on NPR this a.m.? [Disclaimer: the quotes are as I remember; they might not be verbatim, but they are close, and definitely capture the intent of the speaker] It’s because these lines were spoken by the REPORTERS, not campaign spokespeople. These statements were reported as fact, when in truth it is their (or their editor’s ) opinion. Edwards most certainly did not “prove he’s qualified” to step in as prez; there is nothing to prove that Kerry is riding any type of momentum, other than the plethora of stories claiming the same from MSM. And yet, here they are, presented as facts so undisputable, they must be accepted at face value. BullSh*t!!!

NPR, CBS and the majority of MSM are providing the Dems with free political advertising. And there’s no chance of equal time for the GOP, cuz they claim they’re reporting the news. Again, bullsh*t!!

Should I go on? How about the quotes from Bremer? Yee-haw, MSM had a field day with that one, and Kerry/Edwards are using it as a battlecry. Oh, but wait – Bremer’s quotes were taken out of context. Surprise! He was speaking in hindsight, and I quote:

"’We certainly had enough (troops) going into Iraq, because we won the war in a very short three weeks," Mr. Bremer said, according to The Associated Press. But he added: "One way to have stopped the looting would have been to have more troops on the ground. That's a retrospective wisdom of mine, looking backwards. I think there are enough troops there now for the job we are doing.’"

But will we, the consumers of this politically-motivated spin-dish, ever hear about this clarification? Not just no, but HELL NO!! Look at today’s headlines & stories, and all of ‘em related to the prez campaign are using Bremer’s quotes, along with the latest CIA WMD report, to hammer Bush.

And about that CIA report – here’s two headlines:

U.S. 'Almost All Wrong' On Weapons
Saddam Worked Secretly On WMDs

Guess which one comes from the Dem’s second most favorite rag, the WaPo, and which comes from the Right’s WashingtonTimes? Same story, completely different spin. So get your head out of the sand, fellow consumer. When you hear “news” being reported, consider the source. Chances are you’re just being fed another spin-dish from one party or the other. Problem is, the Dems have a whole lot more of the MSM in their pocket than the GOP. FoxNews is the only conservative/rightwing channel, and the circulation of the WashingtonTimes is nothing close to the WaPo. It’s kinda like I told the Angry American Wife (AAW) last night, when she asked why I couldn’t bring myself to watch the 60 Minutes segment on the Veep debate last night. She asked why I didn’t want to hear both sides of the story. My reply was that it would be great, if CBS had any intent of broadcasting both sides. I explained I had no interest in hearing how Edwards had easily won the debate, complete with Edwards highlights (no lowlights) & Cheney lowlights (no highlights). I didn’t watch, but the AAW did. And much to her surprise – not! – the segment went exactly as I laid it out. She said I should work for the networks…

But hey, I will give CBS/60 Minutes this much – they had a great segment on Jimmy Buffett! Long live Bubba! Rock on, ParrotHeads!! And that is what CBS’s “news” organization has been reduced to, entertainment news, on the same level as Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. Sad, really…

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